Dog Plastic Surgery Stirs Dog-Loving Netizens - I Am Passionate About My Dog

Dog Plastic Surgery Stirs Dog-Loving Netizens

Korea is famous for cosmetic surgeries, making it the plastic surgery hub in the world. People undergoing cosmetic reconstruction is run-of-the-mill but pets, especially dogs, receiving such operation is a different story.

Netizens around the world expressed their disapproval after news about Miss Lim subjecting her five-month old pet dog to plastic surgery. The post showing the dog's before and after photo went viral and angered thousands.  

Miss Lim visited the vet only to have her dog vaccinated. The doctor, howevermade a comment on the gap between the dog's mouth and offered dog cosmetic surgery.

More and more families are owning pets, which explains the rise of dog cosmetic surgery, which was originally intended for medical purposes. All types of pets can have the surgery but digs are the common patients. The usual procedures include eye enhancement, ear enhancement, wrinkle removal and botox.

The prices can go from $60 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the procedure.

On a medical perspective, dog cosmetic surgery is not bad as long as it will improve the condition of your pet. But if it is just about vanity reason, this is pretty crazy.



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