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War Dog's Emotional Reunion With His Handler Will Touch Your Heart

Stories about dog-human reunion have always been a touching story no It matter how brief or how long they separated. War dogs or K-9 dogs meeting their soldier once again after a long is one of the many reunion stories that never fail to draw tears. Ikar and Vance's reunion is one that will surely touch your heart.

Ikar used to be a tactical explosion dog in Afghanistan under Vance McFarland's care. McFarland was his original handler. After months of working together, the two had separated. McFarland went stateside while Ikar had to stay to fulfill his job.

But things took a different turn when Ikar, instead of transferring to another post, was abandoned in a shelter. He was meant to stay only 3-4 week there but it stretched to 17 months.

McFarland no longer heard about Ikar until he received messages on Facebook informing informing him that they had found Ikar abandoned in a shelter. The American War Dogs Association and Mission k-9 Rescue stepped in to save Ikar and reunite him with his original handler.

The emotional reunion finally happened in September. Despite their 3-year separation, Ikar still remembers his bestfriend and the dog was clearly happy to see him once again. McFarland looked happy just the same.

McFarland promised that Ikar would have the best time of his life. It's a life that he and the rest of the war dogs deserves. "He will be super spoiled," quipped McFarland who now matter how hard he tried to hold back his tears, could not hide the joy in his eyes.

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