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Olive Goes "Home" After 11 Long Years

For 11 long years, Olive remained at the Yonkers Animal Shelter waiting for a family that the staff hopes for Olive to call home. She came to the shelter when she was still a puppy and got close to being adopted four years after. However, it did not happen, as if it was not meant to be.  

What was meant was for Olive to be a member of another loving family seven years later after the first adoption attempt. A woman who saw her once when she adopted another dog from Yonkers Animal Shelter created a Facebook page for Olive while deciding on the adoption. However, she already felt like Olive belong with them.

Olive's story circulated around Facebook. Each day, more and more people follow her story. After much thought. the woman decided it's time to begin the adoption process and kept Olive's Facebook page updated.

Soon, Olive moved out of the shelter to go home finally, after 11 long years. The Yonkers Animal Shelter staff was in tears while they watch her go. Olive has become a part of the YAS' lives and they will miss her so much for sure. They all cried but only because of their joy for their bestfriend.

"As you can imagine it is a bitter sweet day at the shelter. While we are beyond thrilled for her, we will selfishly miss that sweet face that has been part of our lives for so long. Many tears have been shed here today but for a change they are happy tears."

Since Olive arrived at her new home, she's been playing with her new friend dog, eating treats, and getting to know her new family. Olive could not hide her newfound happiness knowing she is finally where she truly belongs.

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