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Dozer Joins The Half Marathon and Raises $40,000 For Local Cancer Center

If you think that marathons are only for humans, think again. The Maryland Half Marathon runners can prove to you that running knows no age, gender, species, or breed. That means that even a local dog can run the race and even rule it.

In fact, the Maryland Half Marathon runners found Dozer, the happy Golden-Doodle that lived in a house along the race route, a powerful motivator. He is in fact such a happy dog that he never thought twice about jumping in the race. As soon as he saw a swarm of marathoners passing by, Dozer ran and caught up.

The marathoners smiled and grew even more inspired the moment they saw Dozer running with them. Dozer, on the hand, ran with full strength and contagious agility as if his true intentions were not only to beat his opponents but to encourage them as well.

The Half Marathon raised funds for a local cancer center, and upon hearing Dozer’s story, race organizers put together a fundraising page on his behalf. Soon, Dozer’s online presence had earned the center over $40,000 in donations.

The Maryland Half Marathon was at that time raising funds for cancer patients. Upon hearing Dozer, the race organizers took advantage of the dog's inspiring feat and created a fan page online dedicated to him to raise more funds. This earned Maryland Half Marathon organizers more than $40,000.

This demonstrates that one cute act and a bunch of passionate runners can prolong or save lives. And in whatever they do, it seems that dogs do have one major purpose in life -- to be the bestest man's best friend and savior.

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