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This Street Dog's Leg Got Amputated But His Courage Saved Him

We always want to see our dogs frolicking, running or just sniffing around on an ordinary day. The same during weekends and then some. As much as possible, dog owners want to keep their best friends away from harm, but sometimes, misfortune inevitably happens. In these cases, we can only hope for a good Samaritan to pass by to offer help, no matter whether the dog is ours or not.

One street dog in India had an unlucky day when he accidentally stepped on a hunter's trap. Limping, he moved to the side of the road and lay there enduring the pain. Concerned citizens called for help.

When the Animal Aid Unlimited found him, flies were already gathering around his injured paw. The rescuers immediately took the dog to safety and checked his injuries.

Some of the rescuers rushed to the ambulance and some alerted the police regarding the hunter's trap that victimized the poor street dog.

The Animal Aid Unlimited hoped to save the dog's paw. During checkup, they found that the bones in his paw have been severely crushed and that it had become necrotic. The infection has already spread up to his leg as well and the only thing that could save his life at this point was amputation.

Rescuers along with concerned citizens offered help in order to perform the surgery he needed. The operation had been successful and the street dog's health has been restored.

Fortunately, the dog recovered fast and even with only three legs, the suffering in his eyes that people saw during rescue was gone. The rescuers did save him but it is his courage that saved his life.

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