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5 Fall Season Reminders For Your Dog's Safety

Fall should be a favorable season for dogs who are fond of the cool feel of air. The ground filled of leaves falling also seems to be the perfect sniffing, digging, and playing area. However, it may not be all roses for them.

While it is a great one for everybody, the fall season carries with it some risks or dangers especially for your dogs. Here are some threats your dogs may be facing:

  1. Fallen leaves make for an awesome playground on the surface but the danger lies deep under those piles, such as moist and molds. These are not good for your dog especially if they are sensitive. The smoke that is also emitted while burning dried fallen leaves could hurt your dog's respiratory system and eyes. 
  2. During fall season, there is a great chance your house becomes a temporary habitat for rodents. The cold season urge them to look for a warm place to stay, leading people to use rodent poison in different parts of the house. Since dogs like to sniff around, they might accidentally sniff the poison, which could lead to death. It is important to manage rat poison dissemination so your dogs stay safe inside the house. 
  3. Dogs are prone ticks and fleas but the chances of being infested is higher during fall especially when you frequently take them to hiking or camping trips.
  4. Watch out for seasonal allergies. If your dog displays symptoms such as skin redness, hair loss, scratching, and constant licking, it is probably time to take them to a vet or administer proper medication. 
  5. Snakes are more likely to bite during fall season as they prepare for hibernation in the winter. They get cranky and aggressive and your might chance upon one while sniffing around.

Remember to always take precautions. As dog owners, it is our duty to protect and keep them away from harm. 


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Diane Jeck
Diane Jeck

November 01, 2015

My 1 year old Golden Retriever Had a very small tick on his under body and I got it off. Should I have it sent away to make sure it does not make him sick?

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