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Good Samaritan Saves Dog That Got Shot Twice

Thank God, this world never runs out of good Samaritans. They may be few but at least they still exist. And thank God 'Moose,' a brindle dog shot twice was chanced upon by a passerby who took the poor thing to ActNow!

ActNow, a Missouri-based dog rescue group took Moose under its wing right away for immediate hospitalization.

The horrific incident happened early in October. After obtaining two shots, one in the face and one in the neck, Moose struggled to get to the highway as if to seek help. Luckily, a passerby noticed the limping dog and rushed him to the ActNow! headquarter in Missouri.

ActNow! began sharing updates on the dog's condition. An update was published on October 13 saying:  "He smells of Demedex. Huge lumps under his neck. You can see where a chain was around his neck. He has a sever cough. He has several wounds on his body. His breathing is very deep. He is still wagging his tail."

The published Moose's story in hopes of having clue as to who was responsible for the tragedy. Concerned parties started following Moose's story. Another update was published on October 17: "Because of the inflammation in Moose's nasal from the bullet he struggles to get enough oxygen. Unfortunately he has to stay at the hospital right now to stay hooked up. The started him on some new meds and steroids to bring it down."

ActNow! continues to send people updates to get more information and at the same time raise funds for Moose's medication and recovery.

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