Cute and Hilarious Dogs Who Don't Care About 'Personal Space' - I Am Passionate About My Dog

Cute and Hilarious Dogs Who Don't Care About 'Personal Space'

We all love our dogs, who we know have that innate territorial quality. We as humans share the same traits but would you believe that there are dogs who can be so affectionate that they forget to give you some space? They just do not care whether you are sleeping, working, or even in the bathroom. If they crave your attention, prepare to be invaded.

We are not talking about a specific breed here., but any breed of dog who were raised with incredible amounts of love. Their relationship with their pet owners are exceptional because they experienced how to be loved like family.

The following pictures would definitely make you wish your dogs are as affectionate...or not. They are cute, heartwarming, hilarious, and simply sweet...


These adorable beings would be worth getting stuck in an island with. Give them a hug and they will shower you with kisses.

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